Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Maybe we should think twice?!?!?

I was interviewed for the newspaper this week on what i thought about the debates. I strictly answered that question... the debates. I thought that Obama did a better job and spoke of his intentions clearly, I felt like McCain attacked Obama and should have just stuck to the issues. I am still undecided but after seeing this video and now and the prowl to find out more information I might have made my choice. If this video is true... and I WILL find out his voting record on this bills then I dont care if Mickey Mouse runs for president I will not vote for a murderer. And who ever reads the blog. Christian or atheist, my friend or enemy, conservative or liberal if you knowingly vote for someone who votes directly against saving young lives, breathing, outside of the womb... They need to be punished. Scott Peterson who was convicted of killing his wife and UNBORN baby is sitting on death row for TWO counts of murder. I think if someone passes and votes on such bills that gives power to nurses and doctors to do this kind of horrible acts should but on death row with Peterson. Watch this video... dont be a typical American and just believe what you see... research. dig in and find out if this what you will be supporting.

Exercise your right to vote by informing yourself and making the best choice for your future AND your childrens future. Some of the choices made in this election I beleive will affect our country for many, many years.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Our lives begin to end the day we grow silent about the things that matter" ~MLK Jr.

This quote sums up my feelings from the previous post. This and what Ron said.

I was thinking about how some people sleep. I mean I sleep like a rock I put in my time all day livin the dream. I work hard. Play harder. But sometimes I think about those who do horrible things to others or animals or to themselves and wonder how they sleep.

OK take for instance. How does a grandpa who takes advantage of his granddaughter sleep at night?? Or the person who committed a murder but slipped through the cracks sleep? Or a car salesman who rips people off knowing the car is complete crap but still sells it to the single mom with three kids? Its sad how people like that are able to sleep but then you have the single Mom who puts her all into her children and will forever have bags under her eyes. Or the Pastor who strives to see something happen in his "Jerusalem" but his children have less so he can do it. Or the detective who has to tell a family their son was killed innocently by gang crossfire.

Its a strange world and society we live in. Seems all kinda unfair. Plenty for me to strive for to change!! I dunno why more people don't become social workers. Not like your ever gonna run out of work... you might not get paid but there will always be work!

Live the dream... Help someone!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

out numbered? i dont care i am still gonna blog about it!

first. just because an issue is not talk about on a regular basis by our so called "future" of america does not mean its not an issue. its kinda like one of those conversations you never want to have with someone so you never bring it up or even say anything remotely close to the issue just so there is no chance that you might have to talk about it.

second. there is something we can do about abortion. I did. try it! if your content enough to sit back in your nazarene/christian/sheltered/religious bubble and NOT do anything about then the blood of everyone of those innocent lives will be on your hands. good luck explaining that someday.

"Oh Hi God, yeah i know what you said about life and how precious it is to you, but ya know... it just wasnt worth it to care about it anymore cuz you know what was one person like me gonna do."

Let me tell you a story. I met with a girl. who had just found out she was pregnant. she had one choice and one choice only. abortion. her mother decided that was what was best for her and there were no other options. well. i thought to myself there is nothing i can do about this so i sat back and didnt say anything. i thought this issue will never change so theres no reason to fight it. she got the abortion and now she live a life of depression and guilt.......... ok that was a lie after the point of i thought there was nothing i could do about it..... ready for the real story. she found out she was pregnant. she had no other option other than abortion. so i gave her the address to a pass pregnancy center, a bus schedule and perfect directions how to get there JUST incase she ever felt the need to go and make a different choice. then i prayed.. and i enlisted an army to pray. pretty soon hundreds if not thousands of people were praying for ONE life. guess what... she went to the pregnacy center the day before her planned abortion appointment and she is due the 25th of october. we just threw an amazing baby shower for her and the people who were there can attest to this. her mother. the same lady who said there is NO other option. that she had to have the abortion stood up and said.... "you have changed my mind." ................ now you tell me that you CANT do anything about or maybe... just maybe ... you DONT want to do anything about it.....

in a few short years when women are waiting til the babies whole body is born except their big toe and they decide... "you know what. i really wanted a girl... not a boy... we will try again...." and a needle is stuck into the soft spot of that innocent life and acid rushes through it tiny brain and burns it to shreads all because its no longer an issue to you cuz you cant do anything about it... i really hope you think about these days when you gave up!

i am here to tell you. you wont see me giving up. I have got one precious life being born in just a few weeks because i refused to say... "its not use, its never gonna change."

Monday, September 22, 2008

an office?

i am laying in bed. completely in awe of how blessed i am.

i have so much. a family who loves and supports me.
friends who look out for me and accept me. : )
two bosses that mentor me and have become my best friends!
i have 20 kids who dont like to do homework, like to punch me when i am not looking and who mean the world to me.
i have a job, and yes... it doesnt pay much but i would take 1 dollar an hour if i knew ONE young life was re-directed or changed. its addicting to help people... try it sometime!
i have a diploma, which i dont deserve but somehow i got it.
i have a car, a house, a bed, a computer, blankets, electricity, money.

seriously what else is there....

oh. and now. i have an office!
its pink, it has a window, a big chair that leans back perfectly so you can put your feet up. and a printer! WOW its the simple things!

count your blessings... i bet you will run out of fingers and have to use your toes.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

our private parts....

first. i cant sleep cuz i have done nothing all day and i havent had anything to wear me out....

second. i am at a conference and dave and i heard this awesome speaker who had a passion for what he talked about. he had so many little quotes. the one that just struck me so hard was the question whats your bodys most private part. well obviously working with sexual assualt victims the first thing that jumped into my mind was ya know "private parts" (do we have to talk about it??) but some lady in a quiet voice said "your brain" the speaker got all excited because most people dont think about that as our private parts. the speaker went on to talk about how many kids were "mentally raped" by our society... our schools, the things we see on TV, advertising, internet, crap in books about different theories. i never thought about his before. who knows how many times my mind has been abused by an over zealous KCC professor who needs to get fired, how many times do kids come home from school confused and lost because their teachers talk about nonsense. i know we dont all work in social work or work with kids all the time but maybe its good food for thought... lets not be mind abusers. teach kids the facts. eventhough it might be a little awkward to say certian things or uncomfortable i would much rather a 7th grader hear about porn and its horrible affects on families and thier life than the porn industry getting ahold of them. i would much rather a young man hear about how to treat his girlfriend then the rap industy letting them know how to treat them. i would much rather talk explain homosexuallity to a younger person who is confused than some new age book telling them details they prolly shouldnt know. we have a responsiblity. a choice. a priviledge. if you work with kids, you have kids, your around kids. take the time. they will thank you for it someday and it much better to hear the truth than be "mentally raped" and abused by the world.

thats all....

livin' the dream... continued.

laying in a hotel room for hours on end with nothing to do is.. livin the dream.
swimming in a pool dave peed in is... livin the dream
watching youtube videos and listening to dave singing "take a bow" is livin the dream.
enjoying your last week before having a "real" job is livin the dream!

Monday, September 15, 2008



make it stop.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

great day...

the shower is over and was a huge success! we were able to give JJ so much and she was so thankful! its a great feeling to give someone else a smile or a glimmer of hope when they might feel defeated. I really feel like we were able to do that today for JJ and her mom. Her mom who was opposed to keeping the baby said "I gotta say Eric, you have changed my mind about people and i need to say thank you for that." how awesome. we as a group were able to give hope, save ONE life and make a difference all because of our actions. we didnt have to say anthing. we just showed love, we reached out past our comfort zone and made such a huge impression on JJ and her family!

thank you. thank you. for all who attended, prayed, bought gifts, wrote cards, and donated. i cant say thank you enough.

Friday, September 12, 2008

i'm the lucky one.

so today is the big day. the day we have been waiting for. J.J. to come see us and meet us for months!! were going to literally shower her with gifts and encouragment! she amazing. she become a hero to me. i am so lucky to see a life redirected because i was in the right place at the right time. i am a broken, worn out vessel that God chose to fill up and pour out. I am so excited to see JJ and her mom. Its going to be simply amazing!

thanks for all the support!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

time flies.

its crazy to think its been 7 years from that awful day where so many lives were lost and families were torn apart. i have been working at manteno middle school all week and its strange to look back and see how much our lives changed after that day. i will never forget watching the second plane run into the tower live. i will never forget hearing cuss words from reporters not bleeped out cuz everyone was starring in disbelief. i will never forget wanting to get home as soon as i could cuz i felt safe there. BUT i will also never forget seeing the millions flock to our GOD. i will never forget how proud we still were to be americans. i will never forget seeing a flag on every house. i will never forget the chants of USA USA around president bush as he tried to rally resuce workers at ground zero. time flies. but we will never forget.

support our troops!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


well i officially dont start my new position til the 29th. but i am doing some community education on staying away from strangers and internet safety to kids in schools. its fun. i also got some poison ivy or something attacking my body and my face at the present moment. its been interesting to watch my eyes swell up and me wanting to gouge them out with a stick! lifes good other than that. lots of opportunities coming up, lots of potential.

i also just got pre-approved for a loan this week which means i am going to start looking to buy a house. pray for wisdom. when i get a house. were gonna have a house warming party.... actually a house warming dance party. boo ya!

love love!

if your reading leave a comment dont just stalk me without me know it.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

the dream.

helping people is "livin the dream"
watching people change is "livin the dream"
donating your time to anything and everything you can is "livin the dream"
going back to your alma mater on a weekly basis is "livin the dream"
seeing your parents proud of you is "livin the dream"
getting Chinese delivered on a rainy nite is "livin the dream"
watching office season 4 twice in one week is "livin the dream"
playing golf for free with retired old men is "livin the dream"
graduating from jr. high, high school, and college by the skin of your teeth is "livin the dream"
buying dress clothes for the real world for dirt cheap is "livin the dream"
going to see a race and sitting in expensive seats for FREE is "livin the dream"
leaving the world better than when you found it is......

livin the dream. everyday!

Friday, September 5, 2008

what a day.

i stayed up til 4 am for no apparent reason last nite and I had to be up and out of the house at 7. needless to say i set my alarm for pm instead of am... so i woke up in a frantic at 8 and sprinted out the door at 8:08. i caddied for a bunch of ladies all day who had no clue how to play golf. then i was able to go out and play a nine with a guy i had met there. it was a great morning and afternoon. then it was off to the CRC then shopping for 'real" job clothes.... i got some amazing deals!!!! God def had a hand in helping me find some sweet deals! now. i am home, blogging on a friday nite and i have never been happier.

what an emotional week... i got a job. i cried. i got a myspace message. i cried. haha what a sad, crazy, insane, roller coaster life. I got a job at KC CASA but the hours will conflict with my hours at the community resource center which means i will not be able to be at the resource center everyday. my love for the CRC goes beyond any love i have. its my life. its become my passion. my best friends work there with me. my kids are there. i love the CRC and the thought of not meeting 10 screaming kids running off the bus everyday breaks my heart. the thought of not giving the kids lines to write when they disobey so i can stash them in my secret drawer to show them later makes me sad. to not see my best friend dave everyday and my mentor ron hurts too. i am still gonna be a volunteer and i am pretty sure i will be there the same amount as i am now but just the thought of missing one day is not cool. needless to say i bawled my eyes out because all these thoughts rushed through my mind at once. overwhelmed me. broke me. now i am all better i have realized i have to pay the bills and then sprint to the CRC and let out all my energy!

second. i got asked to be a godfather of a baby that GOD, me and my friends had a huge roll in saving. i once again broke down after reading the message for the 20th time. what an opportunity! what a great way to how God has made himself known in our lives. how awesome to keep in touch with this baby. to hopefully see this baby and his/her mother see the God who created them and has sustained them! God is good. I am blessed beyond belief. wow. wow. wow!

hope everyone has a good weekend!

"use everyday to make the world better!"

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dont want to be a downer, but our society is messed up!

have you ever listened to a story about someone breaking their arm or snapping their leg and it makes you almost throw up everywhere?? sorry to be so graphic, but there is no way to describe how i feel as i sit in court and hear stories of people who take advantage of children, women, men, or the elderly for their own sexual gratification. so many times abusers were once victims.... which makes this vicious circle sad. its hard to sit around perpetrators and not be angry for the horrible affect they have had on their victims. for the next couple years i will be working in the "justice" system to help victims follow their court cases. to encourage them NOT to drop the case just because our "justice" system allows us to drag out cases for 3, 4, 5 sometimes 6 years! who wouldnt want to drop a case after you have to hear the most traumatic experience of your life played over and over and over. I will be reaching out to young men to encourage them to rise above what our society has encouraged them how to look at women. God has given me an huge opportunity to be a light. a light that as Kristin would say doesnt have to move. a light that gives hope to darkness, life to death, to be a simple candle to light up a room of absolute darkness. i am excited about my opportunity to help and bring a mans prospective to this part of our society so often ignored by men. pray for my time their that i might be a light and a witness of the Hope we all find one way or another!

love love