Friday, October 7, 2011

know why I'm here.

Wow. What a week! Its been a great week. Tons of progress, meeting new people, and challenging myself. Im in a school full time which has been a dream of mine for a long time. The staff is great. So many are so dedicated and really want to do anything to improve the life of their students. In conversation, I am able to see where the hearts of some of these teachers are. They inspire me to work harder for the kids they work so hard to teach. One thing that popped up to me today is life is so much about relationships. I pulled out one of the few quotes I have held onto from a legalistic preacher I heard summer after summer.... Rules without relationship equals reprobate. As stupid as it sounds I found that its very true. Before I ever try to work with a childs behaviors I go for the jugular, their friendship. I do silly to earn the trust of a child who has been hurt, beat up, stepped on and lied to. I go for a lot of BIG motions. Loud claps, extra extra praise and the classic touchdown arms signal. If that doesnt work... I bust out the secret handshake trick. I am running out of different styles, but it works. It all goes back to relationship. I got one of the biggest compliments from a co-worker this week who took the time to shadow me to start to better understand our job. As she was leaving she said, I get it, you are involved in every aspect of these kids life and it works. WOWZERS! So much fun too! Ive been blessed to be thrown into a school that accepted me. I hear Mr. Hoots, mr hoots, mr hoots and its makes it all worth it.

One last thing, try this. I was walking the lines looking to help the boys remember to tuck in shirts so they dont get in trouble. I hear "mr hoots! why didnt you play football this morning" before I could respond a girl who talks before she thinks (sound familiar?) says "because hes so GAAAY!" oooooo. all the kids in the immediate area.

Option 1. Call her out. Embarrass her in front of her classmates and ruin the opportunity to build a what??? relationship.

Option 2. Pawn her off on a teacher and move on with my day.

Option 3. I say. Come with me. We go to the back of the line and chat about my choices in life our my choices. I explain to her I am married, happily. I encourage her to find the a different "insult" because using the term "gay" is becoming less accepted in this world, which I am a fan of, incase you wondered. We begin to walk far behind the line and we chat about consequences that could come from calling any other adult in the building GAY. I can see she is regretting the joke already and I say. Its ok. next time you have got to make a better choice, and we knuck it up.

Later. I hear Mr Hoots. MR HOOOOTS. You da best! From that same girl who could have been trash talking me if I chose option 1 or 2. ah. relationships.

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